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What Is Large Format Printing

You may have a business, and you are in need of an advertising mechanism, but you do not have a budget to hire a billboard to advertise your product. Showcasing a product or your company is really needed to have a steady growth, and it is very important for a new company. We often see big companies advertising all throughout the cities using every tactic they may. They may paint a wall or attach a big poster on it; they may also hire cars covered in their logo to promote their company. These devices are often eye catching, and it leaves an impression on the viewer’s mind.


With the help of Large Format, Printing companies produce advertising goods that will look interesting to the consumers. The advertisement is printed on a large medium so that it can be catchy and are quite easy to see often from a distance as well. The product can be as large as 61 inches, and it can be anything from a poster to a mural.


  • The large format printing is just like any other digital printing, but it is done on much larger printers. The printer is constantly fed with paper that the printer prints on directly with the ink provided through the nozzles. The printing is quite fast, and the quality is superb. This is a very good method as the picture doesn’t blur out or is cut short because of less space.
  • The printers generally use water UV ink to print the products. Though the colors are not very bright, they are perfect to be used in open and sunlight as they are fade resistant.


  • Posters: One of the main sought-after product to be printed on a Large format printing, the posters come out very good, and they can be used to decorate a function or advertise a product.
  • Banner: Banners can be printed on Vinyl for outdoor purposes and digitally printed ones can be used for inside.
  • Window graphics printing: These products are used to line the windows of a shop or company or even a car to be used in advertisements.
  • Vehicle wraps: These are used on cars to make it an advertising tool. It will promote your company while going through the city.
  • Wall-capes: This is a replacement of billboards and will be printed on vinyl or mesh and will be attached to buildings by pasting the prints on metal frames.
  • Canvas: Big art prints can also be printed without the worry of them getting pixelated or blurred in the process.

Large Format Printing is getting quite a popular day by day, and it can be a good advertisement device. Good companies will consult you and let you tell them your requirements and they will try to fulfill it. Numerous companies can be found on the internet by searching keyword like large format printing NYC, and you can choose the best by following the reviews of satisfied customers.

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