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Rack cards can offer a lot to your business. They are smaller than flyers as well as brochures and are used for conveying information at a glance in a variety of locations ranging from hotels, stores to information centers. You can raise the interest of potential customers in your brand using the effective rack cards.

As rack cards are smaller in size so you have a limited space to work with. Yes, you may feel tempted at times for cramming as much information as you can in that little space. But remember, your rack cards will work more effectively if you are able to communicate your ideas and key points in few words.

What You Should Include in Your Rack Cards

Here are some essential elements that you should add in your rack cards to make the most of your space. Let’s have a look at them:

Rack Card Should Have Logo, Company Name, Contact Information

The major purpose of creating a rack card is to create recognition for your brand so that more and more people can know about it. That is why, the first and foremost thing is to write your company name, logo, and contact information in the rack card so that people can follow you up for further information. Provide all the necessary information that you think is necessary for clients to reach you.

Attractive Photos and Slogans

If you want your rack card to stand out among other rack cards, it is important to choose the right colors, text, and images that can grab attention. You may use high resolution graphics to draw people in. Besides that, try to write catchy slogans and headline that can keep people reading your card.

Rack Card Call to Action

You should always have a call to action in your rack card to provide a way to potential customers to follow up on the offer. You may ask them to check your website, stop by your store, or call your company. You can also add an easy to scan QR code for readers so that they can learn more about your business. When your customers come with a rack card to enjoy the special offer, you can monitor the results to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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