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Postcard Printing NYC
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Postcard Printing NYC
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Postcard Printing NYC
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NYC Postcard Printing

Postcards have been around for hundreds of years and have been a leisure activity for postcard collectors known as deltiologists. But with the advent of time, communication through email, instant text messaging, and voice and video call has fully captured the traditional modes of communication. But, postcards are still an effective mode of communication for businesses and personal purpose in New York. We are leading NYC postcard printing company, request a free quote.

Custom Postcard Printing NYC

Many organizations are using custom postcards to promote events like parties or product launches. It comes handy for street marketing, wedding invitations and holiday greeting cards. Postcard printing NYC service providers like Industri Designs NYC can easily and quickly print a custom postcard. Mailing services can be used for dispersing cheap postcards for a cost-effective marketing campaign.

Everyone knows that an email does not require much effort. But, writing and sending a custom postcard or printed postcard involves a few steps such as picking up a design or even adding a personal picture, writing a message, and then adding the address to it. So, custom postcards show that a person has put time and energy into making something nice and creative, be it for personal or business purpose.

Printed Postcards

People take postcard prints with them during a vacation to use them as a travel journal. These printed postcards are great for keeping records of memorable stuff during travels and can be sent out to family and friends. You can also keep postcard prints for yourself so that in the future, you can relive those moments.

Printed postcards also have significance as you don’t throw it away when you receive one. People check the front side of the printed postcard, and if the front side is appealing, they may go ahead to check the content. So, selecting unique designs pay off if it suits the tastes of your recipients. One should spend some time to pick a color scheme that is appropriate for the occasion. The printed postcard should also have a clear and friendly greeting if the personal message is written on the back. In the case of business postcards, the front side should concisely have all the relevant information.

Postcard Printing NYC

Postcard printing is exceptionally versatile for personal and professional needs. For fulfilling all your postcard printing needs, Industri Designs NYC is your best option among all printing postcard services. Located at 175 Varick St, New York, Industri Designs NYC, has been making a postcard for many years now and has catered to thousands of satisfied customers. If you are running a marketing campaign, you can select from their unique flyers postcard printing services in NYC for promotional activities. These custom postcards include the name of the event, venue, date and product or service. They offer high quality and quick postcard printing in NYC. The postcards are available in sizes of 3×4, 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 6x 9, 8.5x 11 and 8.5x 14. These custom and cheap postcards are useful for both business and special occasions.

What are Postcards and Flyers

Flyers Postcards are items that look like brochures, leaflets or circulars. Made to be distributed by hand, a flyer is piece of paper that has been printed with certain marketing details. These include the name of the event, venue, date and product or service being promoted. We are postcards experts and we offer high quality postcard printing in NYC.

Flyers and Postcards Printing

Flyers are given to anyone walking leisurely, and sometimes they are picked from store counters or a vehicle’s windshield. If you have a marketing campaign that you wish to do soon, use our flyers postcard printing services in NYC to advertise your business and products. We can make specific items for you called business flyers.

Some of our commonly made flyers serve the role of a notice. They inform the public about a forthcoming event or another urgent information that general public has know. These sorts of products are known as printing leaflets. Flyers and postcards are the cheapest means of communication. Though they appear very simple, they communicate smoothly and briefly. Flyers are printed on a plain-colored, tiny, piece of paper. Monotone ink is used to print texts.



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Postcard Printing NYC — Everything You Need To Know


Postcards can be an incredibly cost-effective way to market to your customers. They’re quite inexpensive to produce and deliver, yet they may have a big effect since the customer has no choice but to look at what’s on it, even if they don’t plan to keep it (though most would if it’s a good deal)!

Postcards, when combined with a high-quality mailing list and a customer-focused message, can generate a lot of revenue.

Industri Designs is ready to help you with your postcard printing NYC project, offering a wide range of options to help you design the perfect postcards NYC for your needs.

Notify current customers about new products, events, or promotions, or contact prospective customers to welcome them to your company. If your postcard work requires variable data printing for direct mailing, ask about our digital variable data printing options. They allow us to print addresses, names, and other custom content on each postcard separately.

Furthermore, postcards aren’t simply for direct mailing. They can be used as a promotional item for artists or companies, and they work particularly effectively when the postcard has an appealing visual design. Giving out postcards with your information at trade events, seminars, and conferences may help you stand out from the crowd of business cards or add value to your sales.

Postcard Printing Options

There are many ways to customize your postcards. Thanks to our high-end digital printing and traditional equipment, we can manage any size and duration of a project, whether short- or long-run, a small number of postcards or thousands.

Whether you prefer a flashy, oversized advertising postcard or a basic standard size for convenient mailing, we can print them in various sizes. Designs can be one-sided or two-sided, with full-color, single-sided color, or black-and-white options. Additionally, we provide a variety of paper weights and types, such as coated, glossy, uncoated, and semi-gloss (silk).

Postcard Printing Considerations

The most common postcard size is 210x148mm, printed in four (full) colors on both sides for maximum effect. Postcard printing is typically a simple process, and distribution may usually be handled either by the postcard printer or by a separate mailing firm. The card used for printing is usually a wood-free stock ranging from 150gsm to 300gsm.

Cutting and laminating are two finishing techniques that can help your postcard stand out from the crowd.

On the other hand, successful postcard printing is simply one piece of the puzzle. The use of an eye-catching design that pulls in customers, as well as the monitoring of each response, is important for attracting customers and boosting response rates for future campaigns.

Triggered or Personalized Postcards NYC

Of course, you can integrate your postcard campaign with customer data to personalize the print and offers on each card to the individual. You can also use events like buying habits, abandoned carts, geolocation data – or even special occasions like client birthdays – to trigger printing and mailing.

Types of Postcards We Print

Uncoated Cardstock Postcards

This postcard has neither a glossy nor a matte surface, yet it still looks fantastic. Some antique shops may appreciate them since they give their business a vintage feel. Other companies may not want to use gloss, which makes uncoated paper posters an excellent option!

Matte Postcard Printing

Matte postcards are perfect when you want a postcard that doesn’t reflect a lot of light but still looks good. A company may want to use them if they’re distributing postcards during events with a lot of flashing lights. Glossy postcards may be difficult to read in bright light, whereas matte postcards do not have this problem.

Glossy Postcard Printing

Make your postcard really stand out! Gloss is great for adding shine and sheen to your postcard. If you’re trying to market your company’s grand opening, you should go all out! First impressions are crucial, and with a luxury postcard, you can offer your customers the impression that your service is of excellent quality.

Benefits of Postcard Printing NYC

If you’re new to postcard marketing and want to learn more, consider the following top benefits of postcard marketing:

1.   Printing Postcards Increases Traffic

Postcards are a fantastic way to boost traffic to your website, social media pages, and encourage visitors to come into your store. Postcards are an excellent way to communicate with your target market if you have a brief and straightforward message to convey.

A save the date postcard is also an excellent way to spread the news about a special event you’re hosting, whether it’s in your physical store or online. In an age where everyone is fiercely striving to stand out and bring the most traffic to their online platforms, marketing in different forms helps companies to engage with segments of the market that aren’t being reached online.

Be ready to turn your newfound visitors into paying customers by using the unique benefits of postcard marketing.

2.   Easily Measure Campaigns

Of course, the most common concern when starting a new marketing campaign is that you will spend more money than you earn. That’s why, regardless of the type of marketing you invest in, it’s important that the outcomes be easy to measure so you can get a sense of the return on your investment.

Businesses can easily monitor the performance of their postcard marketing materials, which is a great advantage of postcard marketing. You can determine how effectively the campaign is doing by comparing the number of postcards sent out to the number of sales leads created. You can get a very decent idea of how well your postcard marketing campaign is going if you include your lead conversion rate following the inquiries.

3.   Maximum Versatility

Postcards provide maximum versatility for delivering any message you want to share, in addition to being able to generate traffic for your company. Business owners have the option of sending potential customers directly to their websites or a physical retail location if that fits their requirements.

Thanks to the versatility that postcards provide, you can also incorporate surveys, polls, promotions, discounts, and more. Because the business world and the national economy are always changing, being able to make changes to your postcard wording and campaign plan at no additional expense can be extremely beneficial.

Plus, since customers can simply bring the postcards with them to the store, postcards make for conveniently redeemable discounts and coupons. This is important if you’re targeting clients over 40 since QR codes and online discounts may be confusing and create obstacles between your company and the old demographics.

4.   Excellent for Test Marketing

If you’ve done market research and want to test a marketing campaign to determine its effectiveness without spending too much money, you can conduct a sample-sized campaign and assess the results.

There are many effective ways to do this, but we recommend testing with small batches that range slightly from the same target audiences to determine which provides the best conversion rate.

Before you send out a test marketing campaign, you should first decide on the advertising goals you want to achieve. Because there is nothing to judge the campaign’s success or failure on without a defined aim in mind.

Remember that a marketing campaign’s success or failure is determined by traffic and consumer interest, not sales. The objective of marketing is to bring customers in the door; nevertheless, the quality of your company’s goods, services, and salesmanship are what generate money in the end.

5.   Minimal Risk of Market Theft

The last thing you want to see after you’ve invested your hard-earned time, energy, and money into a new advertising campaign is one of your competitors copying your marketing ideas and utilizing your campaign as a template for their own.

Not only is this obnoxious conduct irritating on a personal level, but the unfortunate fact is that customers will be unable to distinguish between businesses. Using postcard marketing, you’ll be able to engage directly with your customers and distribute those amazing ideas without fear of intellectual theft.

6.   Branding Opportunities

It’s important to build a brand image that customers can believe in and trust as a new or small company owner. Postcards can be used to introduce and build your brand in a community or among a specific target demographic. The more people identify your brand, the more likely they are to prefer it over others they have never heard of.

Final Thoughts

All postcards printed by Industri Designs are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and full color. Many small and major companies in New York City have come to us to print their designs in a variety of sizes, and they know they can count on us for quick orders.

We’ll still take care of you if you don’t have a design ready for us. Our in-house graphics team can produce a print-ready design for your company just as you want it.

Industri Designs specializes in high-quality digital and offset printing. We are the go-to place for small and large companies for anything from marketing brochures to large format printing.

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