If you are interested in fashion, commercial, or character modeling agency, you will surely need model comp cards to be eligible for job opportunities. There are different names used for them ranging from “composite card”, “comp card”, “comp”, “zed card”, “sed card” to “zed”. All these names refer to what is effectively a model’s printed promotional and marketing tool, showing the range of “looks” he or she can portray.

model comp cards

Size 500 pcs 1000 pcs 2500 pcs 5000 pcs
4″ x 6″ $115 $125 $150 $175
5″ x 7″ $140 $150 $175 $225
6″ x 8″ $220 $225 $250 $275
6″ x 9″ $240 $250 $275 $300

A composite card is basically a printed card that shows a model portraying different types of styles and looks depending on his/her age as well as appearance.

Why Do You Need a Model Comp Card?

The comp card is known as model’s calling card which modeling agencies sent to their clients who hire models. These cards are used to get chances for interviews and jobs for the models. If you want to be a model and get noticed, the composite cards are essential for getting exposure and ultimately obtaining jobs.

It is always a good idea to leave composite card to every potential client you meet so that they can have a printed piece to remember you. Usually the clients or modeling agencies meet a lot of models in a day and if you have nothing to leave behind after the meeting, you will soon be forgotten in the sea of faces that the agencies have interviewed.

Size and Format of Composite Cards

A model composite card comes in a lot of sizes including single sided, double sided, fold out or flat. Different agencies have different requirements for “model comp cards” so you have to follow those requirements while signing a contract with a particular agency. If the modeling agencies do not have any specific demands regarding comp cards, you are free to choose your own style and style.

Currently, the most commonly used size is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, double-sided, with a “head shot” or close-up facial shot on one side, and three to four photos on the opposite side. This portrays the model in a variety of styles, from various angles and with varied photo croppings.

Pictures You Should Use on Composite Cards

The photos that use are using for comp cards should always be recent and show the variations in your current hair color and length. You should focus on showing the range of looks you can portray relevant to the type of work you are seeking. Try to get the photos in different sizes, angles, and poses.

Industri Designs Known for Designing Best Comp Cards

Industri Designs is known for creating popular comp cards. We provide amazing designs for the cover as well as for the back of your modeling comp card. Our latest feature allows models to add their references or any customized text instead of measurements.

We offer high quality composite cards printing, displaying your poses through different angels. With our composite card printing services, you can design and order your own tailored version depending on your needs.

You may find us here: 175 Varick St New York, NY 10014



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