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Large format printing usually refers to extra-large print formats which may go all the way from 30 inches to 80 inches in width. Such printing is usually done using digital printing equipment and technologies. Apart from obvious uses in commercial advertisement and public events, large format printing has also come to be used extensively in interior décor. From floor graphics to perforated window decals, such printing has really redefined the graphic art at both public and private properties. Following are some of the most common uses of large format printing in NYC.

Large Format Printing Services

There are many uses of large format printing services in terms of advertising. You can get unique designs printed on a large area of banners, posters, murals and more. These materials are durable, versatile and can be used for great visual designs. They are suitable for wide images and texts which makes them an effective medium of advertising. Large format printing helps in reaching out to a broader audience as they are visible from a far distance.

Large Format Banner Printing

Whether you want a huge banner to greet guests at a tradeshow or the right-sized graphic backdrop to go with some other event you are organizing, large-format banner printing is the way to go. This is because it offers a quick, highly effective and quite affordable solution to your graphic display needs.

Large Format Printing Services

You can choose from multiple material options when it comes to banner printing (Banner Stands NYC or RETRACTABLE BANNER STANDS). When intended for use outdoors, for instance, you should ideally go with a large format vinyl banner. Vinyl is more resilient and is perfect for outdoor use, including building displays. Large format mesh banners, on the other hand, have a slightly perforated structure and are very well-suited to windy areas. You can choose large format prints of banners ranging from sizes of 6’ x 6’ all the way to 10’ x 60’ and above, in some cases. Be sure to check with multiple printers to get the best deal on material quality and price.

We Make Beautiful Large Format Window Graphics

Large format window graphics have virtually transformed the face of retail advertising. By allowing a retail establishment to make use of the shop windows as advertising spaces, large format window graphics has opened up opportunities and reduced the clutter that results from conventional retail advertisements.

Large Format Printing Services

The great thing about such window graphics is that they are custom-sized and designed specifically to fit the glass windows of a given shop or office. Apart from their obvious benefits in advertising, window graphics can also be used to creatively secure privacy within a glass-walled office or room.

When it comes to sizing limitations, window graphics in large format printing can range all the way to the 20’ x 60’ range with some printers offering even larger printing options.

Large Format Prints Floor graphics

Floor graphics have been extensively used at public places for a long time. From the pointer arrows on airports to huge insignias in university halls, floor graphics are commonly used to give directions, advertise a product, display a sign or simply for branding purposes in New York City.

Large format printing New York

Industri Designs NYC large format printing services has taken floor graphics to the next level. This mode of printing creates large format prints which can then be securely installed on a floor. Large format floor graphics work well whether the floor material is ceramic, hardwood or vinyl. Such graphics are often topped with a non-slip transparent layer to ensure the safety of the people who may walk across the graphics. If you run a retail establishment or manage any other public space, you may consider using large format floor graphics. You may even use them at a private property and go with smaller sizes, adding a touch of innovation to the décor of your home.

Difference between conventional and large format printing

The difference between large format print and large prints is that traditional printing presses produce some sizes of prints whereas modern presses can produce large banners quickly and cheaper. The print quality has improved over the years with excellent image reproduction and vivid colors. The large format printing process utilizes a large-scale printer with nozzles. The printing process is fast, and the final product looks stunning. The printers use the CMYK color combination. For wide format prints, UV inks, water-based, are used which are fade-resistant and suitable for outdoor advertisement. So large format printing presses can print out huge vinyl banners in one go fast and cheap.

Top 3 Reasons to Use Large Format Printing

Here are the major reasons listed down to use large format printing for your NYC business. Have a look at them:

Recognition of Brand

Your company’s brand image starts with a great printing design and expands to every aspect of your business. The large format printing and design attracts your audience and target them in a way that is functional and professional.

Sense of professionalism

It is important for your company to build a great first impression on clients, shareholders and other entities. If your company holds attractive format printing design, it will cast a strong image of your business to the outside world. If the design of your company is not that good, it will break down the image of your company that you can’t even afford a good professional design for the company.

Perfect for Big Moves

Whenever your business has some big news to announce, there’s nothing better than large format printing to do it. Whether you need to announce grand opening or alert the audience of great sale, a small page or format is not the proper way to do it. The great size creates great impact when your ultimate goal is to create impression. The large posters, banners, ads, or signs can go a long way in informing the consumers of your products or services.

Industri Designs NYC Offers Professional Large Format Printing Services

Industri Designs NYC one of the best large format printers in NYC, provides attention getting, catchy and creative designs for your company at an affordable rate. When it comes to printing and graphic designing of your company, the talented team of the company knows what will work and what will not work for any kind of business.  Whatever service you need regarding printing and graphic designing, this place will provide you with the latest, creative and eye-catching themes that will enhance the image of your company.

Best Large Format Printing Services in NYC

An excellent printing design adds value to your brand. Industri Designs NYC creates the kind of printing that hold a great amount of consistency, accuracy, and reliability in it. The company strives its best to provide you with hassle-free printing and graphic designs so that the banners, posters, or sings can be customized exactly according to your needs.

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