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How Do You Mount Duratrans to Acrylic

Duratrans is a transparent substance. This means that until the graphics are printed on duratrans, you can see through it. When light shines through backlight film, therefore, it illuminates the whole Duratran print.

How Do You Mount Duratrans To Acrylic?

There are a few ways to mount Duratrans to acrylic. One way is to use a frame that has an acrylic front, and the Duratrans are mounted behind the acrylic. Another way is to use an adhesive to attach the Duratrans directly to the acrylic. And finally, you can use magnets to attach the Duratrans to the acrylic.

To use a frame, first measure the size of your acrylic and then cut the Duratrans to size. The Duratrans should be slightly smaller than the acrylic so that there is a border around it. Next, attach the two pieces using either screws or tabs that come with the frame. Then, place the frame in front of the acrylic and secure it in place.

To attach the Duratrans to the acrylic with an adhesive, you need a squeegee or t-square. First, clean both sides of the acrylic and then put it where you want it mounted. Then, use your squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles underneath the Duratrans panel. Finally, let the adhesive dry before hanging it up on your wall.

Finally, magnets make for a quick and easy way to mount your Duratrans to acrylic. You can either buy magnets specifically made for mounting objects to acrylic panels, or you can cut two pieces of metal using tin snips and place them behind your Duratrans panel. The piece of metal closest to the Duratrans should be smaller than the piece of metal closest to the acrylic. Then, use magnets that are all the same size, or you can alternate the size of the magnets on each plate. Finally, attach your Duratrans to your acrylic and let it hang up.

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