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Industri Designs is a graphic, web, print design firm located in New York City. Our daily mission is to create stunning design and inventive strategies for each and every one of our clients, so that they can grow and dominate their market.

How are we different from other firms?

Let’s put it this way: other design firms want to re-position your visual integrated marketing value proposition to advantage emergent cultural paradigmatic shifting.

What we do know, however, is graphic design.We’re not just talking about logos here: we can give your business a full makeover from head to toe.In any style you like. And it doesn’t matter how big you are.If you are a Mom and Pop Shop looking for a simple informational website, we can work with you.If you are a multinational corporation bent on dominating the entire Milky Way Galaxy, we can work with you, too.

We handle everything a business needs to put its best foot forward. We can create striking business cards, brochures, and stationery, ensuring that your business is memorable and respected.We can help you craft a brand image that will make your market excited to do business with you.We can conjure up poster ads that are irresistible.We can build sleek websites that drive in traffic and convert sales.We can even handle printing.

In summary – we can, we can, we can! We hope that answers all your questions. If you’re not sure, please have a look at our work. That usually does the trick.

graphic design industridesign


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