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Duratrans Printing
Duratrans Printing
Duratrans Printing

Duratrans / Backlit Film Printing

Size Price
8×10 $21.00
12×18 $24.00
18×24 $36.00
24×32 $56.00
24×36 $65.00
36×48 $120.00
48×64 $213.00

You must have probably seen Duratrans printing in big department stores or malls. But what actually is Duratrans Printing?

Duratrans printing is a type of large format printing that uses translucent materials. The word “Duratrans” is derived from the words “durable” and “transparency.” This type of printing is most often used for backlit signage and window displays. This Kodak product is one of the best quality backlit films used in those displays.

Duratrans Prints – What is it?

Duratrans is a shortened form of the Endura Transparency technique, developed at Kodak in mid-1979. It refers to large-sized transparent color films with backlighting. All sorts of big display backlit display media have been subsumed under the Duratrans name.

Graphics are applied to a translucent base film in the duratrans printing process. They may also be printed on a transparent foundation. A milky rear side membrane, known as the diffuser, is added to increase light dispersion across the entire surface in the latter.

The diffuser also minimizes the possibility of hotspots behind the graphic. The film is then laminated to a stiffener prior to lamination onto your chosen substrate.

Why Use Duratrans Printing?

Duratrans printing is great for backlit signage and window displays because it creates a very bright and vibrant image. The light shines through the print and illuminates it, making it really stand out. And the advertisers want their advertisements to stand out more and get more impressions. This type of printing is also very durable, meaning it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

If you’re looking for a high-quality and durable large format printing option, Duratrans is a great choice. Contact us today to learn more about this process and how it can benefit your business.

Types of Duratrans

Considering how you want your Duratrans printing, there are varieties. Promotional duratrans for display advertises on roadside, theatres, shopping malls, restaurants, different stores, etc. From the name, one can easily tell what type of image this duratrans uses. The user will provide the information, images, and content they want to promote their products or business.

Fine-art duratrans offers the finest quality of this kind with high precised images. This type of display or lightbox is used for attracting more or just demanding people. Fine art offers higher resolution than promotional duratrans with more in-depth color details and precision.

The last one, Translite is one of the common and unique displays you can see everywhere. It simply uses a light source behind the image to make the product or material and the ink shine. Because the light shines through that, it creates illumination. You can see how the lighting works during the night or just anywhere with low light.

Quality Expectations of the Technique

Since its advent, Duratrans has been preferred for the following reasons;

  • Resolution: Duratrans features a higher resolution than most other types of print solutions. A normal 1200 dpi print is easily obtainable under normal printing conditions. For larger posters, an optimized print can reach up to 4000 dpi. As a result, duratrans printing is ideal for large outdoor signage.
  • Durability/ color lifespan: Many people overlook exposure to ultraviolet light, which causes the deterioration of photographic prints. Duratrans printing has a longer service life than other print materials—more reason to use it for outdoor displays.
  • Black opacity: Light blocking is an important feature in making graphic prints sparkle prominently. Dura displays handle this particular print aspect quite well. They are able to block transmitted light, which results in a lighter color schematic where there are dark image shades.
  • Dot size: Duratrans printing is able to capture so many dots per inch within a small portion. This results in a rich fine picture. Compared to other inkjet prints, it offers some of the smoothest color transition prints.
  • Edge definition: Images on Duratrans substrates have excellent and accurate edge definition- due to the dot size and high resolutions. This is critical for images meant to be viewed from a distance. In general, an image on duratrans appears much sharper than the same image printed on other materials.
  • Contrast and saturation: Due to high pixels and resolution, it is able to produce high-contrast prints. The color saturation on its large format display is the best one can get for any display.

Points to Note About Duratrans Printing

While Duratrans printing is great for a lot of different applications, it does have some limitations. Keep the following in mind when deciding if Duratrans is the right printing solution for you:

  • Expensive: Duratrans prints are more expensive than other large format printing options. This is due to the high resolution and durability of the prints.
  • Turn-around times: Duratrans prints require a longer turn-around time than other printing solutions. This is because the prints are made to order and require additional time for lamination and finishing.
  • Backlit restriction: Duratrans prints are only effective when backlit. This means they can’t be used for applications where the print will be viewed from the front.

Usage of Duratrans Prints Today

Here are some common applications for Duratrans prints:

  • Public display advertising: Most of the crisp graphic large displays are made of Duratrans. They are printed so for two reasons. They are well illuminated due to the presence of diffused light. The second reason is that they require fewer light bulbs, resulting in lower energy costs.
  • Point of purchase display: Duratrans is a popular medium for POP displays. They are used to create an impact on customers and as an effective marketing tool in stores. To make sure that customers can see these signs (and cut costs), most stores choose to use backlit displays for such signages.
  • Lighted wayfinding signage: Ever been lost at the airport? If so, you may have seen some wayfinding signage. These signs are used to help passengers find their way around the airport. They are usually backlit and made of Duratrans prints to ensure high readability and visibility.
  • Television translites: The background behind many news anchors and talk show hosts are specially formulated to capture and use backlight. These backgrounds are normally stretched horizontally and emblazoned with city landscapes or company logos. The light-diffusing property works well in creating a balanced light all across the background.

Factors to Consider Before Using Duratrans Display

Before opting for Duratrans displays, business owners should consider the following:

  • Cost: Duratrans prints can be expensive, so businesses need to ensure that they get good value for their investment.
  • Usage: The purpose of the display should also be taken into consideration when deciding on Duratrans prints. For example, if a business needs an illuminated sign for a POP display, it would be more appropriate to use Duratrans prints instead of traditional signs.
  • Period of use: Duratrans prints are a great option for businesses that need a medium to a long-term solution. The prints are durable and can last up to 10 years with proper care.

Amazing Benefits of Duratrans Printing

Duratrans are widely used these days because of the superb advantages that they offer. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Duratrans below:

Duratrans Offer Photographic Quality

One of the best ways to set your business apart from your competition is to create a unique appearance. Having a professional-looking sign is a great way of doing so. When you use Duratrans with your sign, it will create a high quality and professional-looking appearance that you are looking for.

Duratrans Provide Superior Color Transparency

Creating signs that are pronounced, true, and sharp is essential for the success of your business. With Duratrans printing, you will be able to produce high-quality prints with superior color transparency. This will allow your signs to look great and be easily visible from a distance.

Appeal People Naturally

When the colors are bright, people are naturally more satisfied with them. This is why Duratrans prints are a great way to create an appealing sign. The high-quality prints and superior color transparency will help your signs to look amazing and be more noticeable to potential customers.

Duratrans Add Clarity, Contrast, and Sharpness

If you want the right sharpness, clarity, and focus in your images, nothing can help you better than Duratrans. The manufacturing process of Duratrans makes sure that the image is not blurry or cloudy. Even the ink duratrans uses gets hard after some time and no shake or accidental bump will make the image go west. Most of the businesses have signs that are muddy and unclear. This problem does not occur when you use Duratrans.

Long-term Service

One of the best things duratrans offers over other inkjet print processes is its longevity. Long exposure to UV rays makes any color pigmented product go out of business. However, duratrans lamination makes sure the ultraviolet ray does not cause problems on the main image and ink. 

Since the ink used in duratrans hardens over time and does not need any extra layer of protection, duratrans could have made it out without the lamination. But they chose not to. This extra layer makes the product unique from others in the business. This is why duratrans displays stay longer than 10 years or so. That’s the best thing because the money it costs would make people lose interest in it if it did not have enough life expectancy.

Industri Designs Offers Professional Duratrans Printing Services

When it comes to Duratrans printing, you need a company that can provide you with high-quality services. Industri Designs is a professional printing company that offers stunning models and configurations of LED-backlit signs and lightboxes for Duratrans backlit graphics. We use 8 color eco-solvent inks to create prints that are rich in color and vibrancy. In addition, our prints are scratch and water-resistant, meaning that they will last for years without any damage.


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