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Step and Repeat New York City

Event organizers use a step and repeat banner (sometimes called ‘step and repeat backdrop’) to photograph the participants and ensure that sponsor logos are visible in every photo.
The phrase step and repeat refers to how the logo(s) sponsors is moved to the surface of the banner. Repeated banners must be large enough to provide a complete background for the photographed person. At Ace Banners, we recommend the use of cloth or vinyl mat as possible to minimize light from cameras.
This type of banner is sometimes referred to by industry experts as a “grip and grin” banner.

If you’re in New York and have an upcoming event, then a step, repeated background and a red carpet is a must for your event.
Whether you are planning a birthday, an anniversary, an awards ceremony, a movie premiere, a corporate party, a professional event, a red carpet event, etc., a red carpet background complements your event gives it a special shine and glamorous atmosphere

What to look out for when buying a Step and Repeat Banner

When buying a backdrop, you must pay attention to some important points and you have to make a decision on what to ensure the best performance of your step and repeat. If you have a bigger budget, you can also buy multiple rotation options, depending on the space available for the events you attend.


The standard height of a backdrop is 8′ and the width can be adjusted to your liking (the largest we can find is 16′, but there are really no limits). Another alternative to conventional sample is the 4’ x 8’ panel support printed with your company logo and information. This will go into more rooms, but unless you taking only close-up photos, you will see the edges of the backdrop.

Reasons to jump to a larger step and repeat:

  • You are less likely to see the edges of the background in the pictures
  • They allow simultaneous photographs of multiple people (or even groups) at once.
  • Give your event an impressive picture: think about the entry “wow” factor

Reasons to go for a small step and repeat:

  • Suitable for smaller rooms, eg. Behind your booth
  • They are more portable
  • They are cheaper

We often say that the best of both options is generally both, unless they are mutually exclusive. If you choose a panel layout for your repeats, you can combine two or more to form another step and repeat. If space is limited, you can configure only one panel.

The main consideration is that your logo is small enough to be legible in the frame, regardless of the number or size of the people photographed. This usually results in logos 9 to 11 cm wide and 5 to 7 cm high, arranged in a repetitive pattern along the entire length of the backdrop.

The ink is much more reflective than white vinyl: the more blank you leave, the less you have to worry about glare. And in most cases, this white is not really white; professionals recommend that you request a lighter shade of gray to further reduce the brightness (do not worry, it always appears blank in the photos).

If you prefer a little color for the background, opt for the fabric: a large amount of ink will be reflected unrestrainedly on the vinyl. Regardless of the color you choose, be sure to choose one that allows you to divert your themes from the background.

Easy installation

The last thing to be struggling at an event is set up your step and repeat. When buying a backdrop, consider the ease of installation and the quality of the stand that will support it. Have you ever tried to create an IKEA file cabinet? This is not the kind of experience you want to live with every configuration and setup.


Most steps and repeats are well wrapped for storage, and if you get a case, it may be worth having extra money to keep your backdrop clean and wrinkle free. And can you carry it yourself or you need help? You will take this package around airports and convention centers, so be sure to do it yourself from point A to point B if you do not expect to receive help.

Benefits of having step and repeat your event:

  • Your event will have that special “VIP” feeling of New York.
  • Guests will feel welcome and special.
  • Your guests will have something to do (important!)
  • The “red carpet” mentioned in your invitation will give you more RSVPs.
  • Your distinguished guests will feel at home.
  • Take photos of your guests during the event.
  • The participants will have a lot of fun to take their pictures!
  • Your logo will be shown in the background!
  • The logos of your sponsors will be shown in the background!
  • Your sponsors pay you to put them in the background.
  • All the photos that you post on social networks are an incredible brand and a strong presence for your company and your sponsors.

New York at night is a beautiful landscape to see. Tingling lights adorn the streets and bridges of this spectacular city. Bars, clubs, hotels and places combine with the charm of the city. Make sure your event meets the standards of “brightness” and “glamor” of New York with a dazzling entry on the red carpet.

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